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The Throwing of The Bones is one of the most ancient forms of divination, or talking with the Spirits, known. It is a tradition that is passed down among the women in the culture of the central eastern Andes.

The long training of more than thirteen years in this delicate art was given to Kay Cordell Whitaker by the Amazon elder and shaman Chea Hetaka. In a “reading” the person comes with a specific question - any kind of question or issue can be presented - and the answers and information that are gained from the Bones reach into all levels of one’s being and contain in depth spiritual and psychological insight.

The combination of the presence of the many Spirit Beings and the diversity and depth of information given insures not only the most powerful and detailed insights but the added aspect of a healing process on all levels of one’s being from the Spirit Beings which usually continues for a number of days after the reading has ended.

Experiences with The Bone Spirits

"I would like to thank you very deeply from my heart for allowing me to ask the advice of the Bone Council. The experience was amazing, and overwhelming. After the session, I disassembled my prayer circle, broke my fast, and wandered around in a daze! I was dazed and in shock by the intensity of it all and the very frankness of the answers.
Truly, Healing was asked for, and Healing was delivered. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Thank you for helping me to reconnect with myself."

Nathan Steward, Athens, GA

"Each ceremony is an extremely exhilarating experience of healing on all levels of my life. Whenever I have a Bone Throwing my reality shifts for I can feel the spirit nations that are in the different Bones not only presenting me with the truth of a situation, but also supporting me with unconditional love which allows me to shed my blinders and deal with absolute clarity in any given situation."  

Anna Marie Riley, Santa FE, NM

The Bones always go right to the heart of things, providing much needed direction, saving me time and energy which I would have otherwise wasted in worry and confusion. Kay shares the Bones with such compassion, knowledge, sensitivity and integrity it always is an absolutely amazing healing experience!”

Ken Robinson, M.A., M.A. Counselor and Healer,
Sisters, OR

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