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Bonecasts 2012

Past Bonecasts

Full Length Bone Throwing Presentations via Conference Call and Webcast.

2012 - 1 A White Knuckle Roller Coaster Ride?

In the last issue of our Newsletter we made a brief announcement about our “Bonecasts”: an upcoming series of full length, 2 hour, interactive, open to the public, Bone Throws. The Bonecasts begin this coming Sunday, March 5, at 12 Noon, Mountain Time; we’ll be talking with the Spirits who have a whole lot they want to tell us about the year 2012. This inaugural event will be free of charge

2012 - 2 Earth Changes

The first Bonecast on March 5, was a general overview about
possible events surrounding 2012, the predictions that have been made, not just about that particular year, but also the years leading up to it.

Based primarily on what the Spirits had to say during that first Bonecast we made a list of questions and issues to present during the following Bonecasts.

Anybody subscribing to participate in the Bonecasts and anybody visiting our website "Bonecasts", had the opportunity to vote as to what questions will be presented to the Bone Spirits next.

As a result of that vote the questions and issues presented during the next Bonecast on Sunday, April 12 are:

Earth Changes: A closer look at what kind of Earth changes we can expect and what we can contribute for the best interest of the planet and humanity.

2012 - 3 Ego vs. Masks

The next Bonecast in the 2012 series is scheduled for
Sunday, July 9 at 1 pm MDT.

The questions presented to the Spirits of the Bones during our next Bonecast are:

What Are The Aspects Of Ego?

And how does ego compare with or apply to masks, to Song, the Spirits and their teachings about Song? Can you have a healthy ego and is ego the same as personality? How does ego effect relationships with others and what will happen to our individual and collective egos between now and 2012?

For a preview of this upcoming Bonecast you can read
Issue 46 of our newsletter.

Barring technical difficulties, the next Bonecast will be via Skype conference. So you can join the Bonecast from anywhere in the world through your computer for free. You still can call in from any phone, but you will have to pay for the phone call.

2012 - 4 Saviors, Ascension, and Evolving

As you may remember, we offered the opportunity for you to vote on the questions for the September Bonecast in the 2012 series and boy did you ever. The question most voted for was: “Saviors, Ascension, and Evolving: Saviors (Channeled Entities and Groups / Indigo Children / Holy Man or Woman / Bleepers / etc.), Human ascension, and the evolving of the Human race into expanded dimensions. What do the Spirits have to say?”

So during the upcoming Bonecast this coming Sunday we will present this eagerly sought after subject of "Saviors, Ascension, and Evolving" to the Bone Spirits.

Since we have recently begun to work with Skype, which is providing us with many more seats at the conference call, we are sharing the information on how to join this Bonecast with our entire e-mailing list and encourage you to share the information with people you believe are interested in joining the event.

Start time for the conference call broadcast for this upcoming Bonecast will be this coming Sunday, September 10, at 1 pm MDT. Follow this link to find your local time for this event.

“Ascension” is a hot subject within the spiritual community. If you are interested in a view on the subject that is at the very least askew from the commonly touted and accepted conventions this Bonecast will no doubt be a feast for your heart, mind and spirit.

Before the following Bonecast in December you will have another chance to vote for which question to give to the Bone Spirits for the November Bonecast. We’ll keep you abreast.

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Manaole U Manaole

“From My Heart, to the Heart of the Mother Earth, to Your Heart. May we always be connected Song to Song to each other and to our Mother Earth.”
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