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for the Next 2012 Bonecast Question

By casting your vote you will help determine which of the issues we will present to the Spirits of the Bones during the next Bonecast.
We will repeat the voting process after each Bonecast, of course without the questions and issues that have already been presented to the Bone Spirits in previous Bonecasts.
If there is a question surrounding 2012 that is of particular interest to you but is not on this list, send it to us. We will present it to the Bonecast Group and if approved add it to the list for future votes.

Regardless if you would like to present your own questions, remember to cast your vote for the next upcoming Bonecast.

Future Bonecast Questions and Issues

To cast your vote copy to question and issue that you would like to see presented in the next Bonecast and e-mail it to us at
Every other month we will present one of these questions to the Spirits of the Bones.
  • Unconditional Love: What is "Unconditional Love" and how will our ability to live it influence what is to come?
  • Natural Disaster: What kind of natural disasters can we expect? Where and how severe will they be?
  • Judgment: A close look at judgment, how it is effecting all aspects of our lives and its role in shaping our future.
  • Changes In Our Economy: What kind of changes can we expect in our economy and the way we do business?
  • Alien Life: Will there be public or private, or no, alien contact and how will that influence the events leading up to 2012? Will they be our saviors?
  • Technologies Of The Future: What will be the technologies of the 2012 era and what can we do to ensure they are used for the greatest benefit for all life?
  • War: A closer look at the picture of war in our future and what we can do to change that picture.
  • Violence: Will violence increase around the planet leading up to 2012? How could we change that picture?
  • The Old World Going Out: What does the picture of the "Old World" going out look like?
  • Politics: A closer look at what kind of changes we can expect to the political arena.
Voting will close by the end of US Election Day, Tuesday, November 7.
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