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Bonecasts 2012

Why the 2012 Bonecast Series?

Full Length Bone Throwing Presentations via Conference Call and Webcast.

2012 - "Why The series?"

The 2012 Bonecast series is currently scheduled to run for a year with one Bonecast offered every other month. During this series of Bonecasts we will, with the help of the Bone Spirits, take a close look at possible events surrounding 2012, the predictions that have been made, not just about that particular year, but also the years leading up to it.

In the 1970s, when Kay first met her teachers, things looked rather bleak for humanity. We had ourselves headed for a rude-crude-and-lewd shakeup with many of the predictions of massive disasters around the globe coming to pass.

Since then, many of those things that were predicted have not come to pass. The Hetakas and the Spirits, as well as Kay, attribute this to a volume of people waking up enough so we have changed our course, at least somewhat.

Our future is always fluid, always changing. The Spirits have told us that we the people create our own future with every belief we hold, every thought we have, every emotion we feel. With this we build a picture and a momentum that carries us in the direction of the picture whether we are aware of it or not. If we change our beliefs we change our awareness, our thoughts, our feelings, and hence, our direction into the future.

So now the question is: “Where are we currently taking a rocket-speed, nose-dive to?”

These first Bonecasts in the series about 2012 and the many predictions surrounding it are an attempt to find out how much we have really changed our course. Is there still danger? Is it too late, did we miss the boat? Are we headed into something we actually want? What are we missing out on?

Domano and Chea, Kay’s adopted Peruvian grandparents and teachers, have described life in the western world as based on a backwards turning wheel energy. Eventually that wheel will tear itself apart and possibly take everything with it in its path. From the Hetaka perspective, it is not a question of “if the wheel will fly apart”, or at this point not even “when”; the real question remaining is “how”.

How much death and destruction will the flying apart of the backwards turning wheel bring with it –– or –– how much can we pull ourselves together as Song centered individuals bent on waking up and pull together as a Song based world community that will smooth the transition?

Throughout the past years, whenever Kay did a Bone Throwing Presentation, the Spirits of the Bones stressed the importance of building community as part of the solution to many of the questions.

The Spirits have shown us what actually takes place on many different levels within people participating in a Bone Throw. These ancient ceremonies provide a perfect tool for healing to take place not only within individuals but on a scale that makes any coming together in larger groups more easily possible.

Building community is at the very center of healing ourselves, our circles of family and friends and the world community as a whole; it is a larger issue on its own and we will make it part of future questions for the Bonecasts.

This is why building community is at the very heart of the purpose of the Bonecast Series and other public Bone Throwing Presentations we are planning.
These Bonecasts are our way of contributing to that community building and healing process on a global scale.

When watching the news, it may not look as if humanity has any chance for healing or coming together as a community on any scale. In reality, from the perspective of the Bone Spirits, humanity as a whole has veered itself toward a different direction than it has been exploring for the past millennia. What we are observing on the news are the last flares of a dying fire.

A brave new world is indeed ahead. A world in which greed, power over, control, violence, wars, profit and destruction of the natural world at any cost, will be a thing of the past.

How we get there is in large part up to us.

What the path looks like at this time and what we can do to help the process with our best intentions at heart, to explore all of our possibilities and powers that we can employ, is at the basis of these upcoming Bonecasts and we invite you all to join us this coming Sunday afternoon.

In the spirit of a greeting provided by Kay’s Peruvian teachers.

Manaole U Manaole

“From My Heart, to the Heart of the Mother Earth, to Your Heart. May we always be connected Song to Song to each other and to our Mother Earth.”

The first Bonecast in the series will be available FREE via Conference Call out of Transitions Radio Magazines’ studios. Due to the nature of Conference Calls, space to participate in the Bonecast is limited.
This is a FREE event and registration is limited.

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