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Sacred Link Promotion Rewards Webcast

Rewards Structure

  Our rewards gifts will be given based on the number of people registering with us as a result of your efforts that lead them to our site.

The "first prize" gift in this program goes to the person who has the most trackable referrals; the "second price" gift goes to the person with the next most trackable referrals and so on.

: Participation in Kay Cordell Whitaker's 4 Year Course Series "Setting The World In Balance" tuition free. (Approximate value $3,500)**
2nd Prize* : Red Door Instrument with accompanying materials and 1 year of Manual Update Service. (Approximate value $1,500)
: Red Door Broadcast Service for six months. (Approximate value $770)
: Either an initial Spiritual Healing or private Bone Throwing Session or 3 months of Red Door Broadcast - your choice. (Approximate value $300)
5 - 12
: One copy each of Sacred Link, The Reluctant Shaman, and all of Kay Cordell Whitaker's CDs released thus far. (Approximate value $140)
13 - 30
: With a minimum of 15 trackable referrals you will receive a free, signed, 1st edition hardcover copy of Sacred Link together with The Dance of the Earth Fire Serpent CD (A double CD).
31 - 50
: With a minimum of 10 trackable referrals you will receive a free, signed, 1st edition hardcover copy of Sacred Link.
*Prices 1 through 12 require a minimum of 20 referrals.

**Costs for Travel, Food, Lodging and any other expenses incurred while attending  the 4 Year Course Program are not included in the "1st prize" gift.

  • None of the "prizes" can be traded for cash value.
  • If you are currently participating in the 4 Year Course Program or are receiving the Red Door Broadcast or own any of the products offered as rewards, we cannot retroactively apply any of the "prizes".
  • People already registered with us cannot be counted towards your referrals.
  • The gift program is scheduled to run through January  31, 2007.
  • "Prizes" will be announced by April 30, 2007.
  • No purchase is necessary to participate.

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Rewards Structure

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