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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

Electromagnetic Waves
Traveling Waves
Subtle Energy Waves
Standing Waves
Nature of Subtle Energy Waves
How Radionics Utilizes Subtle Energy
Radionics Frequencies
Early Radionics Applications
Energy Healing Research Energy Waves The Red Door

Traveling Waves

A traveling wave is created by a vibrating object. As the object vibrates, it pushes and pulls particles in the medium. Each particle then affects its neighboring particles, displacing them from their original position. This causes a wave formation as the original disturbance travels outward through the medium. As the wave travels, a crest advances forward from particle to particle, transporting energy as it moves. This crest is followed by a trough which is in turn followed by the next crest. This generates a sine wave pattern traveling through the medium. This sine wave pattern continues to move uninterrupted until it encounters an obstacle such as another wave pattern or some sort of boundary. An ocean wave is the classic example of a traveling wave.

The way that we observe the electromagnetic spectrum is within time and space. The energy starts here, makes a wave, travels through time and space, and arrives over there. Energy comes from the sun, makes a wave, travels through space, and hits our eyes in the visual range as light and we see it. Longer wavelengths hit our bodies and are perceived as heat. Even longer wavelengths are detected by equipment as radio waves. Shorter wavelengths in the form of ultraviolet, which we cannot see, react with our skin and give us a tan. And even shorter wavelengths such as x-rays and gamma rays are absorbed by our atmosphere and donít reach us at all.

Many physicists are still convinced that this electromagnetic band of vectoring (moving through space and time) energy is all there is. They base all their physics and their mathematics on it. But this theory base just doesnít include all observed phenomena. There are gaps, anomalies, which canít be explained by this physics theory base.
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