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TRM Interview With Webcast Preview
Sacred Link Promotion Rewards Webcast
The Sacred Link Webcast was an incredible event with listeners from  such far flung places as Island, Australia, South Africa, Europe and of course from all over the US.

Sacred Link Webcast Available On CD

When you order this package you will receive five CDs with simple labeling shipped in slim jewel (CD) cases.  This set of CDs includes the entire Webcast with the Bone Throwing presentation.

The entire CD package is US$44 which includes FREE standard shipping.

Click here to place your Order.

The Webcast was recorded in high fidelity audio in the studios of Transitions Media Network and it was also video taped in high definition by Rio West Pictures and Recording Studios of Santa Fe.

Professional post production to make both the audio and video recording available will begin in December.

Because of the many requests from people we are making an unedited CD package of the entire Webcast available. This package has the high quality, studio audio recording.

Presented by Transitions Radio Magazine


a FREE live Webcast Event, Saturday, October 1, 2005, 12 Noon to 4 PM, Mountain Daylight Time.

This is the fourth in a series of interactive, real time, cyber-events, broadcast in high quality audio fidelity, on the Internet: We will be exploring the controversial healing, medicine teachings of Kay Cordell Whitaker’s adopted grandparents, Chea and Domano Hetaka, as detailed in her groundbreaking, newest book, “Sacred Link – Joining Fortunes with the Unknown”.

The Webcast Event will also include a first-time ever, live, interactive, comprehensive “Bone Throw”, the most ancient divination form in the world, where sixty-plus Spirit Nations will be consulted on a multi-part question of great significance for these times.

The question that will be asked of some 60+ Spirit Nations will be:

"What do the Spirits of the Bones say is the true, current condition of global health and wellness and how is that reflected in our personal lives? What can we as individuals do to empower ourselves, as well as our families and our community, to begin to create more beautiful, passionate, healthy and fulfilling lives while creating a more sustainable, positive and healthy world?"

Participants on-line are invited to ask questions during the interview and Kay's Bone Throw reading and analysis. Details will be on the broadcast page that all registrants will be sent via email (the web address to actually go to on your browser).

As Kay’s Shamanic Teachers, the Hetakas’, say;
"Hidden within the senses between the sublime and the incomprehensible is the most important piece of spiritual knowledge any of us will ever find".

Expect to be empowered and see how our dominant cultures have created a numbing prison that has kept the human race captive for eons and totally unaware of the power and extraordinary opportunity that it hides from itself.

There will be Q&A and discussion periods with listeners live, on-line, globally. An active computer monitor will display guest and host bios and other information as well as allowing for instant email input and questions from registered listeners. Music bridges will integrate the program segments.

“SACRED LINK: BEYOND SHAMANIC PSYCHOBABBLE” will be hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose of Transitions Radio Magazine.

The Webcast will begin on Saturday, October 1, 12 p.m. to
2 p.m. with a Live Interview, followed at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (approximately) by a Live Bone Throwing Presentation.   FREE Registration

If you have problems logging in to the broadcast on the day of the Webcast please call 505-466-2616

Kay Cordell Whitaker will also be the Featured Guest, live on Transitions Radio Magazine, KBAC FM, 98.1 FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 FM in Albuquerque, on Sunday, September 25, 8 to 11 AM for an interview about her new book "Sacred Link - Joining Fortunes With The Unknown" and a spicy preview of the Webcast.
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