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Zero Point
Zero Point

TRM Bone Throwing about Zero Point


A live Bone Throwing presentation on Transitions Radio Magazine
Every third Sunday of the month Kay Whitaker presents a live "mini" Bone Throwing on Transitions Radio Magazine here in Santa Fe.

Each month we present a different question to the Bone Spirits. The questions presented to the Bones in this live recording were about Zero Point:
”Will the magnetic field of Earth reach zero energy intensity in the near future and as a consequence:
Will the Earth stop rotating for 2 or 3 days and start turning again in the opposite direction?
Will there be a flip of the magnetic poles and if yes how soon?
Will this flip introduce us to the "4th dimension"?
Will most technology we know cease to operate?
Is our DNA being "upgraded" for us to "12 strands"?
Is a new "light body" being created for us?
Will we have entered the “5th dimension” by 2012 (after we have been introduced to the “4th dimension” at the magnetic pole flip)?”

As usual the Spirits of the Bones were very direct with their answers!

An amazing Bone Throw!